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Smoking Deadlier Than HIV?

stop smoking program nj

A study just released in the Journal of American Medical Society indicates that HIV patients who smoke are 10 ten times more likely to die of lung cancer than the virus itself. "Smoking cessation should be a priority in the care of people living with HIV.," the authors wrote in their study, "Lung Cancer Mortality Associated With Smoking and Smoking Cessation Among People Living With HIV in the United States." People living with HIV are more likely to be smokers than the rest of the general population and are more vulnerable to pulmonary illness. Pharmaceutical advances now enable people with HIV to lead longer and healthier lives, it is no longer the death sentence it once was. However, no one has figured out yet how to make smoking safe, you best option is to stop as soon as possible.

I have noticed that for some people the shock of receiving a life-changing diagnosis such as HIV, cancer or heart disease can get a person in a "stuck state" where behavioral change becomes more difficult. However, that doesn't have to permanent and there are hypnotic strategies that can enable you to move forward.

If you could use some assistance, I am here to help. You can access free stop smoking information at

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