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NJ Hypnotist: Stop Smoking

Lose Weight, Reduce Stress

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What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis can best be described as a cooperative process using a relaxed, focused state of attention that makes it easier to alter habit patterns and responses.

Some of the frequently seen challenges in this practice include:

  • Smoking Cessation.

  • Stress relief related to ongoing health situations such as tinnitus, chronic pain and IBS.

  • Overcoming limiting fears (flying, public speaking, insects, test taking, etc)

  • Encouraging healthy weight loss behaviors.

Each client of this practice receives a program that is customized for his or her unique needs.

Our work together will include:

  • Clearing emotional blockages to success.

  • Creating an exciting new image of your healthier future to guide your inner mind.

  • Instruction in self-hypnosis and other techniques that will help you stay on track.


James Malone has been a professional hypnotist since 1995 when he was certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists, the oldest and largest organization of its kind.​

He also holds a nationally accredited certification as a Health Coach from the American Council on Exercise.

In addition to offering private sessions at his office at the Jersey Shore, in the past, he has lead smoking cessation, weight loss, and stress relief groups for the Hackensack Meridian health system. James was also on the faculty of the Academy for Professional Hypnosis, the first state-licensed hypnosis training school in New Jersey.

James is the author of several well-received self-help e-books and publishes the online Creative Calm report that you can subscribe to by Clicking Here.

James is a featured expert at and a proud member of the National Guild of Hypnotists. 


Hypnosis Counseling Experiences...



Below are some examples of my client's positive results with hypnosis counseling. The purpose of my sharing them is not to make me look impressive, but to show you how powerful we all can be once we have our subconscious beliefs and patterns aligned with our conscious wishes.

Stop Smoking:


Thanks to James Malone I have been cigarette free for almost 6 years. He has also helped me to achieve my sports and educational goals and is very knowledgeable in his field and has a true gift in helping people.- LB, NJ


“I want to thank you for your help with beginning a new way of living, smoke-free…I hope and pray many people seek your help, you make it easy” TP, Brick, NJ

"Really helped me out. Honestly shocked about the power of hypnosis. -MK, Old Bridge, NJ


"Wonderful experience. I came in for smoking and now feel much better about my life and health, even changed my attitude toward work." J.H., Red Bank, NJ. 


"I haven't had a cigarette in weeks and I believe that part of my life is in the past." NW, Manasquan, NJ.


Weight Loss:


"I feel empowered." JW, Middletown, NJ


"Helped me with my goal of losing weight and to move forward with losing more." KT, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ 


"I found hypnosis to be extremely effective and it enabled me to get started with my goals" KT, Seaside, NJ 


 Fears and Stress: 


 "I've made tremendous progress working with Jim, so thrilled I chose to come in."  J.H., Wall Twp. NJ


"It is effective over all other things I have tried. It has helped my tremendously with driving and overall anxiety." E.S. Brick, NJ 


"It changes the way you think about and view your struggles without mind altering drugs." B.S. Howell, NJ 


 Tinnitus Relief:

"Able now to relax and deal with this situation." A.H., Brick, NJ


"Helped me to not focus on it so much very helpful, more relaxed" J.L., Howell, NJ 

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