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Stress Relief Program for Tinnitus NJ

The video above explains how hypnosis may be able to help you as it has done so for others like you before. 

NOTE: Remote private hypnosis sessions via Zoom or telephone are available! 

Why hypnosis for tinnitus?

Tinnitus NJ Help: chronic ringing or buzzing in the ears can be an extremely stressful situation to deal with. With tinnitus often a cause or effective medical treatment cannot be found. 

Were you diagnosed with tinnitus and told to go home and learn to live with it-without being told how? Mind/body healing practices have helped many people just like you. 

Stress and fear related to experiencing tinnitus keeps you focused on the sounds as emotion governs attention. With hypnosis you can learn to release the negative emotional charge and begin to put your attention back on what you enjoy in life rather than the unwanted sounds. 

If stress makes your symptoms worse, hypnosis can help. Learn effective self-hypnosis and mindfulness meditation strategies to regain your quality of life. Most clients are seen 3 to 6  times.


"I've made tremendous progress working with Jim, so thrilled I chose to come in."  J.H., Wall Twp. NJ
"It changes the way you think about and view your struggles without mind altering drugs." B.S. Howell, NJ 
"Able now to relax and deal with this situation." A.H., Brick, NJ
"Helped me to not focus on it so much very helpful, more relaxed" J.L., Howell, NJ 

Connect for your complimentary Life Enhancement Strategy Session, call (732) 714-7040 or click here to fill out the request form.

Why work with James Malone?

James Malone has  been a professional hypnotist since 1995, when he was first certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists, the oldest and largest of its kind.


His interest in using hypnosis to help tinnitus sufferers began when he was in the first certification course on that topic offered by recognized expert Kevin Hogan, author of Turning Down the Volume. He finds it extremely rewarding to help people who haven't received encouragement elsewhere-hope is realistic!


James has been a guest speaker and support group leader for the American Tinnitus. Association.


He is also the creator of the Calm Your Tinnitus e-book and the SHIFT (self-hypnosis for tinnitus) audio program.

Want to learn more?

A complimentary 20 minute strategy phone session is available where we can discuss your situation and whether mind/body healing techniques can help you like they have others. Call (732) 714-7040 or click here to schedule a free initial discovery session. 

You may wish to download a free copy of the report "Calm Your Tinnitus: The Less You Hear It" that gives a more detailed description of how mind/body healing techniques can help people like yourself-just click  on the "Add to Cart' button!

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