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NJ Hypnotist: Stop smoking

Lose Weight, Reduce Stress

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Lose Weight With Hypnosis NJ


Time for a Change?

Have you struggled for a long time with your weight? Tried various fad diets and exercise scheme yet keep winding up in the same place?

I can appreciate your frustration and  as an old saying goes, "when trying harder hasn't worked, it's time to do something different."

Imagine breaking free from past limitations and moving forward into your healthier future. What would be different for you?

Hypnosis works well in conjunction with any of the popular weight loss programs you may be using such as Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Atkins, the Paleo Diet, and others. These programs do provide valuable guidance. However, they do not address the subconscious mind. Why is that important?

Why Hypnosis?

Success in weight loss largely depends on making long-term changes in your eating and exercise behaviors, in other words, creating new habits.

Habits are carried out by the subconscious mind which is what hypnosis directly addresses. By getting your subconscious mind into alignment, change becomes that much easier.

Experience has also shown that often a subconscious mental block is present in many weight loss situations. Do you often feel as if you were your own worst enemy?  Hypnosis can help you begin to move past these limitations.

What to Expect

Before we work together, we will set up a free Life Enhancement Strategy Session. It's a phone call or Zoom meeting that lasts around 15-20 minutes where we explore your current situation and assess whether my services are a good match for you. Call or text (732) 714-7040 or fill out this form to set up our meeting. 

Hypnosis itself is a relaxing and pleasant experience that feels most like being absorbed in a daydream. Generally speaking, weight loss clients are seen 3 to 6 times over a period of weeks and you will receive valuable take-home materials as well. 

Most clients begin to notice progress immediately. Why wait?

An Added Bonus 

I am also the author of Attainable Sustainable CHANGE, a guide to making healthy lifestyle choices. All clients will receive a FREE digital copy of this guide to creating healthy new habits. 

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