Lose Weight With Hypnosis NJ

Time for a Change?

Have you struggled for a long time with your weight? Tried various fad diets and exercise scheme yet keep winding up in the same place?

I can appreciate your frustration and  as an old saying goes, "when trying harder hasn't worked, its time to do something different."

Imagine breaking free from past limitations and moving forward into your healthier future. What would be different for you?

Also, hypnosis can work well in conjunction with any of the popular weight loss programs you may be using such as Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Atkins, the Paleo Diet and others. These programs have their merits but they do not address the subconscious mind, the source of all habits. 

Why Hypnosis?

Success in weight loss largely depends on making long term changes in your nutritional and exercise behaviors-in other words, creating new habits.

Habits are carried out by the subconscious mind-which is what hypnosis directly addresses. By getting your subconscious mind into alignment, change becomes that much easier.

Experience has also shown that often a subconscious mental block is present in many weight loss situations. Hypnosis can help you begin to move past these limitations.

Also, whatever the mind possesses the body expresses. Any vividly imagined experience is experienced as if it were real by your subconscious mind. This is the basis of the well known placebo effect where thoughts and images can create a real healing response in the body.  Are you harboring mental images that support your intentions or hold you back?

What to Expect

All clients receive a careful evaluation of their goals and a plan to overcome whatever obstacles stand in your way.

Hypnosis itself is a relaxing and pleasant experience that feels most like being absorbed in a daydream.

Most clients begin to notice progress immediately. Why wait?

Generally speaking, weight loss clients are seen 3 to 6 times over a period of weeks.

Single sessions are $125 and multi-session packages are available at a significant discount. 

In between visits you will be assigned self-hypnosis homework that is very important to carry out so that you can enjoy long term success.

An Added Bonus 

In addition to my 20+ years experience as a professional hypnotist, I am a nationally certified Health Coach and can provided you with additional guidance on diet and exercise choices if you need help with that too. I am also the author of Attainable Sustainable CHANGE, details linked below.

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