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Hypnosis for Kids & Teens NJ

Kids and teens are under more pressure nowadays than ever before due to the demands of school work, competitive extra-curricular activities and the many upsetting events going on in the world right now.

Luckily young people are also highly receptive and responsive to hypnosis, proven time and again to be a safe and effective way of controlling stress and releasing negative habits.

In fact, I find that kids and teens are generally much easier to work with than adults because they are naturally more imaginative and creative.

Over the years I have seen my younger clients do well with improvements in:

  • Fears related to sports or test taking.

  • Everyday fears such animals, insects, weather, etc.

  • Unwanted habit patterns such as nail biting, hair twirling and the like.

  • Improving self-confidence.

I usually see kids and teens who are new to this practice for two sessions initially and the fee is $250 all inclusive. If needed, affordable follow visits are available. 


As a parent myself, I understand how important your child's health and happiness is to you. To be sure you are making the right decision I invite you to call me directly (732) 714-7040 so we can discuss whether a customized hypnosis program could help your son or daughter as well.

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