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Free Self-Hypnosis Lesson

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The other week I sent in the renewal paperwork for my membership in the National Guild of Hypnotists and realized that this is the 22nd year I have done so. Time has flown and I thought I would do something to commemorate the occasion.

I can vividly recall making the regular trek from the Jersey Shore into NYC to attend my initial certification classes with the late Dr. Richard Harte. It was an exciting experience; I connected with some really interesting people as we learned how to use hypnosis to change the lives of others and our own for the better.

In fact it was at this time that I began to overcome a longstanding fear of crowds and public speaking-now I get paid to regularly speak in front of crowds. Imagine that! And I honestly believe that this would have never happened had it not been for my participation then.

One thing Dr. Harte was a stickler about was making self-hypnosis a part of your daily routine just like brushing your teeth or taking a shower. Self-hypnosis can teach you how to reduce stress and increase your self-confidence and personal resilience. We are constantly responding to our inner or voice or self-talk and much of it is negative and self-defeating. Why not change it if you can?

One script he developed for that purpose has stuck with me all these years later and I thought it would be cool to let you have the chance to learn from it was well.

This method involves learning a brief self-induction, where you place yourself into a relaxed and receptive state before focusing on a suggestion that is relevant to you.

You can visit the Online Store at this site access the file which includes a PDF guide and an mp3 audio program where I will guide you through the process. You can use the audio portion as much as you like, however its advised you learn how to use the process independently.

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