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NJ Hypnotist: Stop Smoking

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Self- Help Books and Audio Programs

Calm & Grounded mp3

Calm and Grounded uses imagery from the natural world and pleasant binaural ambient background music to alleviate physical and emotional stress.

Constant worry can leave us feeling disconnected and uncertain, as if you are spinning your wheels.

This track is about 10 minutes in length and provides a safe time and place to become grounded and refocused once again.

This week you can access a copy for free through the link below.

Golf Improvement mp3

Many world class golfers have used hypnosis to improve their game and it makes perfect sense why.

The more fine motor coordination your sport requires, the more relaxed you want to be.

Hypnosis is a process that utilizes and teaches you how to create a relaxed state of concentration, exactly what a great golfer needs to be able to do in order to play at your highest level. 

Using positive suggestions and imagery along with relaxing ambient music, it is about 15 minutes length. 

Available in the mp3 format through the link below.

Golf Improvement mp3 - $10
Deep Ocean Meditation mp3

The ocean is a powerful symbol of strength, serenity, and healing.

Due to the considerable stress and strife in the world right now, it has never been more important to make time to relax and to focus on those things you do control-namely your self-care.

Using ocean imagery/sounds, breathwork, and positive suggestion, this audio program is about 11 minutes, making regular practice practical even with a busy schedule.


In the mp3 format, you can access this recording for $10  through the Add To Cart Button

Deep Ocean mp3-$10
Freedom from Sugar

Many people are interested in reducing or eliminating their intake of processed sugars for reasons of weight loss and overall health.

There is some research that suggests that the sugar habit is similar to alcohol and other sedating drugs in that some people use it relieve stress and tension. 

The Freedom from Sugar mp3 will guide you into a deep, natural state of relaxation and provides encouragement on remaining sugar free.

The program is about 11 minutes long and is available for $10 through the secure link below.

Freedom from Sugar mp3 $10
Learn Self-Hypnosis
embracing store cover.jpg

Learn Self-Hypnosis provides a simple method that you can learn to use on your own.

The guided audio portion teaches you a hypnotic induction and the companion PDF provides a script you can learn from as well.

With practice, you can learn to customize the process for your own specific stress relief or habit change issues. Free download through the add to cart button below.

Embracing Change Guided Meditation is designed to help you better cope with the change that life inevitably brings.

It uses the  imagery of a moving stream along with empowering suggestions as peaceful soundtrack plays in the background

The track is in mp3 format and is about 9 minutes in length.  The download fee is just 99 cents through the link below. 

Embracing Change- $0.99
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