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The flea and thee?

Years ago I heard a crazy story that I share in my new book Attainable Sustainable CHANGE about the process of conditioning and self-imposed limitations that involved of all things, fleas!

As you probably know, fleas have amazing jumping abilities. Apparently there was this researcher who took some newly hatched fleas and placed half of them in a big jar with a lid that restricted their ability to jump. The other half were placed in a high walled tank with no ceiling and could jump as high as they liked.

After a time he put the jar-raised fleas in with their siblings and lo and behold, they would not jump higher the old limit the lid had created even though it had been removed. They had been conditioned to only reach a certain height.

Sometimes we hesitate to change even though we want to figuring past failure equals future failure. Yet if you can think, you can change.

Hypnosis helps people like you to change at the deeper level of the subconscious mind so that you can rise up and break through self-imposed limitations.

I firmly believe you can stop smoking or reduce unwanted weight in 2018 even if you are currently skeptical about your ability to change for the better. Isn't worth investing a little bit of your time to learn more? A free and confidential Life Enhancement Strategy Session is available by either filling out this form or call me directly at (732) 714-7040.

P.S. You can access a print or digital copy of Attainable Sustainable CHANGE at or receive a complimentary copy if you come in for an appointment.

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