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More Hypnotic Storytelling

Do you ever have those moments where you wonder where the time went? I've been shaking my head lately as I realized it was the Fall of 1995 when I first started my training as a professional hypnotist at the Harte Center for Hypnosis in NYC. Little did I know that I was soon to shed a lifelong fear of public speaking among other big changes. And in this past quarter of a century, I have yet to turn anyone into a chicken or make them bark like a dog! In order to mark this occasion of being "in trance" for the past 25 years, I have published a new book you may enjoy.

More Hypnotic Storytelling- my latest ebook is a follow up to a previous one I wrote on healing tales and metaphors and would be of interest to self-improvement seekers and helping professionals alike. Have you ever heard a story that seemed to flip a switch in your mind? More Hypnotic Storytelling is a collection of incisive essays on healing tales that are for the most part based on true stories. Of interest to the self-improvement seeker and the helping professional alike, you will encounter memorable tales that will expand your understanding of key concepts in mind/body healing, goal setting, stress relief, persuasion, and life coaching. These stories will stick with you in a positive way long after you are done reading them. Read free samples and learn more at:

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