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New Book: Successful Self-Hypnosis

I have just released a new book entitled Successful Self Hypnosis. Successful Self-Hypnosis details a simple 3 step process for relieving stress, cultivating healthier habits and enhancing motivation.

This framework will enable the reader to apply what he or she has learned to a wide array of challenges. What you will learn:

Chapter One shares some famous people who have benefited from using hypnosis.

Chapter Two explains essential principles and terms when it comes to understanding what hypnosis is and what it is not.

Chapter Three leads the reader through a concise self-discovery process.

Chapter Four is an exploration of how relaxed states of mind and body enhance the imagination.

Chapter Five will teach you how to develop customized goal imagery for your situation.

Chapter Six puts all the elements of the 3 step process together.

Chapter Seven shares a few likely models on how self-hypnosis works.

As an added bonus, readers will receive a free link to a guided audio experience that leads the listener through the process described in the book. You can download a digital copy at either Smashwords or Amazon Kindle, links provided below. I also hope to have a print version available next month.

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