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Mindset and Health, It's Happening for You

If you are interested in maintaining optimal health, you undoubtedly know about the significance of such behaviors as not smoking, getting enough exercise and eating right. But what about mindset?

In the stress management classes I lead, one segment relates to how current research tells us that mental traits such as optimism and gratitude may be as important to your well being as anything else. The thoughts and images you habitually focus on produce measurable changes in the body, for good or ill.

Now it should be noted that people who have a more resilient mindset don't necessarily lead more charmed lives as far as external events go. They also have challenges, setbacks and disappointments.

One crucial difference seems to be that they feel life is happening for them, that even apparently negative events occur for a reason that will help them become a better person. For example, some people who undergo serious adversity such as a major illness or a financial setback eventually come to realize that the experience taught them to be more appreciative of the good times or to have greater compassion for others who are also suffering.

This contrasts with the victim mentality that perceives life is happening to them and that adversity is a nothing more than a sign that life is unfair. Personal growth is unlikely from this position.

Now is one set of perceptions more accurate and objective than the other? Probably not, but having the attitude life is happening for you is certainly more empowering and useful.

If you would like to learn more about managing the stress in your life, I am here to help. Give me a call at (732) 714-7040 or fill out the Life Enhancement Strategy Form and I will get back to you ASAP

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