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Changing or Sustaining?

"Argue for your limitations, and sure enough they're yours."-Richard Bach

During a continuing education lecture I once attended the instructor discussed language patterns that change or sustain, something we were told to be mindful of when conducting private or group sessions.

As the name implies, change language is all about moving past the place you feel stuck in right now to the place you want to be. It focuses on existing strengths and creating new strategies. In a group or private session, change language creates a dialogue that is hopeful and is most often enjoyable to be part of.

In sustain language you will hear stories or excuses about why change is simply not possible. Often the person is dwelling on their weaknesses rather than strengths. Or using their personal history as a reason why the status quo is etched in stone.

With sustain language it often seems as if the person believes that future could become brighter if only there was a way to fix the past-an impossibility. In a group or private session, the facilitator or other group members will often find themselves being drawn into an argument with the person who is in the sustain mode. This can be quite toxic and may undermine the whole purpose of the interaction if not circumvented.

As was covered in a previous post on repetitive negative thinking (read here) our minds tend to be hardwired towards sustaining language and thought patterns. Yet hypnosis offers a safe and gentle way of introducing new ways of responding instead of repeating the mistakes of the past.

Please feel free to connect for a free Life Enhancement Strategy Session and let's discuss how you can move past negative habits such as smoking and overeating or any other self-defeating habits you may have. The telephone number here is (732) 714-7040.

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