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45,600 Negative Thoughts a Day?

I found a fascinating factoid on the Cleveland Wellness Clinic's website that I enjoy sharing with my private clients and group program students. It states that

  • We have about 60,000 thoughts a day, about one per every waking second.

  • A full 95 % of these repeating thoughts are repetitive, the same as the ones we had the day before.

  • 80 % of these repeating thoughts are negative.

Math wasn't my strong suit as I was a humanities major, but with a bit of quick calculation it would seem that we have around 45,600 negative thoughts a day.

Is it any wonder we often find ourselves stuck and frustrated? We may wish to release negative habits and responses but they seem to keep coming back like the proverbial bad penny.

Professional hypnotists have long known that humans are hardwired to be repetitive creatures and that we tend to persist with habit and thought patterns whether they are helpful, harmful or neutral.

The process of hypnosis introduces new perceptions into this largely negative subconscious data stream so as to create greater flexibility in your habit patterns. Following through with self-hypnosis homework is important too, as new ideas need to be reinforced before they become habitual. This conditioning period varies, but around 21 days seems to be the norm with issues such as smoking cessation, weight loss and stress relief.

Keep in mind the natural trend towards negative thinking has a basis in evolution. Our hunter/gatherer ancestors dealt with a lot physical danger and constantly being on alert for what could go wrong helped them survive. It is not possible nor would it be advisable to rid yourself of all negative thinking, a certain amount of worry and anxiety keeps us safe and helps us anticipates problems before they happen. However we live a much different world and the ongoing stress repetitive negative thinking causes is neither necessary or helpful now. Hypnosis can help you tilt the balance more toward the positive side.

If you could use some help moving past your negative patterns, please feel free to connect by calling (732) 714-7040 or by filling out the Life Enhancement Strategy Session request form at and I will get back to you ASAP..

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