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Why Hypnosis Will Help You Succeed in 2017

On the surface positive change seems like it should be fairly simple. Just make rational decisions based on logic and reason. Easy right? Yet as the old saying goes, "if it's such a great idea, why aren't I doing it already?"

The primary reason is that most of our behavior is automatic and subconscious. The deeper parts of the mind run habit patterns whether they are good, bad or neutral.

Hypnosis is a process that uses a naturally altered state of consciousness to introduce helpful suggestions to the subconscious mind, to give it a new direction.

Here are three ways hypnosis can support your healthy decisions:

-Create positive expectation: there is a psychological phenomena called learned helplessness. Experience enough adversity and frustration and you may come to expect that is how things will continue to be in the future and that there really is no use in trying. But what would you be capable of if you knew you couldn't fail? Your drive and determination would be unstoppable. With hypnosis you get to vividly experience your future success which can be a tremendous motivator-learning to "keep you inner eye on the prize."

-Deactivating subconscious cues: you may have heard of Pavlov and his famous experiments where he conditioned dogs to salivate by sound. Initially he would ring a bell and then feed the animals meat powder . Eventually a neurological connection formed where the sound alone triggered the response. These kinds of subconscious mental associations happen with humans too. Unhealthy behaviors such as smoking and overeating are often triggered by cues in our daily lives that we are scarcely aware of. Hypnosis offers some very helpful tools to release these patterns.

- Controlling stress- it is well known that ongoing stress has a negative impact on the body. Yet also can have a negative impact on our decision making process. A stressed mind is not creative and will revert to its prior conditioning. Hypnosis is an incredibly effective way of learning how to relax deeply, something many people seldom if ever do.

If you have any questions, I am here to help. A complimentary Life Enhancement Strategy Session is available, call (732)714-7040 to learn more.

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