Welcome to the client resource page, extra materials you can use to ensure your success. Note that the content of this page is only for those people who I have worked with in a group or private program or who subscribed to the Creative Calm Report Updates . Additional low cost self-help materials can be found at the Online Store page. Also, be sure to check out the Upcoming Events page for free or low cost group programs.

Theater of Excellence mp3: an audio support program for habit change (smoking, weight loss) . Listen to it daily or every other day in safe, comfortable, distraction free environment. Download for free through the link below.

Mindful Breath Meditation: click on the link below to access a copy of the mp3 file that you can upload to your computer or other device

Relaxation Breath Animation: breathing in sync with this geometric animation can help you relax and center. Feel free to upload it to your phone or computer by right-clicking on it and saving it to your device.

Emotional Detox PDF- Instructions on how to use the technique on your own.

Smoking Cessation PDF-suggestions and self-hypnosis instructions
Effective Weight Loss Strategies 
Class Notes
Relaxation Cue Training
Practice 2x for 7 days
relaxation_cue_trainingArtist Name
00:00 / 06:35
Relaxation Cue Training Written Instructions
Self-Hypnosis for Tinnitus Video

Relaxation Training video for home practice. 

Healing session for those dealing with a health challenge

A guided experience to improve sleep quality

Mindful Beach Hypnotic Meditation

Immersive experience utilizing sound and video, click here

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