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Claim Your Independence With Hypnosis!

The Fourth of July or American Independence Day which is being celebrated this week, got me thinking about the idea of struggle. The early American forefathers wanted to break free from Britain and to say that the Crown was not too keen on that idea would be an understatement. So a war became inevitable.

In personal development struggle frequently occurs too and in a way it can feel sort of warlike as well. You want to break free from a unhealthy behavior or response yet there can often a push back from within, something known as counter will. This is the resistance experienced when a person feels like they are being controlled, oddly enough even by themselves. 

The subconscious mind, which is the older part of the brain, equates sameness with safety and this made sense for our hunter gatherer ancestors.  "We've made it this far doing exactly what we have been doing up until now," it seems to reason. So it resists going in a new direction, even if beneficial.

One way to overcome counter will is by persistent and unwavering effort.  This can work but it is quite tiring.

The other way is by switching your perceptions to where the change is seen as a positive or even happy choice that brings far more value to the table than the old pattern.  Hypnosis is a highly effective process for doing exactly that. You are guided into a pleasant relaxed state of mind and body and are given the opportunity to imagine and experience the reality you wish to create. 

If you want to claim more of your personal independence, please feel free to connect. The telephone # here is (732) 714-7040.

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