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  • NJ Hypnotist James Malone

Free Life Enhancement Starter Kit

Are you at a place where you are testing the waters when it comes to make a personal transformation whether it be quitting smoking, losing weight or releasing unhealthy stress or fears? Would like some more info before making a decision? The Life Enhancement Strategy Starter Kit can provide with insights on how hypnosis can help you move forward and whether it is right for you. It includes: -Is Hypnosis Right for You? A concise e-book that explains the how and why of hypnosis when it comes to personal change. -The 7 Minute Stress Buster mp3. This audio program allows you to try a brief hypnosis session at home to experience what it feels like. -Readiness to Change Quiz. A short series of questions that will give you deeper clarity about your current situation. This download is free, instantly access your copy through the Add To Cart button below

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