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Tinnitus Stress Relief Class

On Saturday, April 1 at noon, I will be hosting a free stress management class specifically for people who are learning to cope with tinnitus. It will be held in the 2nd floor conference room at my office building in Point Pleasant Beach.

For some individuals the chronic ringing or buzzing of the ears can be a very stressful situation to deal with. Over time, it can have severe impact on your quality of life causing irritability and difficulty with concentration.

Like with any new or upsetting symptom, it is important to first received a thorough medical examination to rule out any serious and or treatable underlying causes of the tinnitus. Often patients are referred to audiologists for evaluation and treatment as well.

While its important to avail yourself to the best medical and audiological treatment you can access, self-care measures that include using stress management techniques can be helpful too. Stress and anxiety tend to increase the perceived volume of tinnitus and keep you focused on it. Many authorities such as the American Tinnitus Association recommend learning relaxation methods as a complementary coping tool.

Remember, hope is realistic!

Yet it can be challenging to learn mind/body healing techniques on your own without some initial guidance.

At the upcoming class you will have an opportunity to have firsthand experience with several intentional relaxation techniques including:

  • Mindfulness meditation.

  • The emotional detox technique.

  • Guided self-hypnosis.

Although the class is free advanced registration is required due to limited seating. Sign up through the link below:

Remember, hope is realistic!

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