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Freedom from Sugar

Many people would like to break free from the sugar habit for reasons of weight loss and overall health. Yet it can be a challenging habit to overcome.

There is evidence from the field of addiction treatment that suggests a kind of relationship between sugar addiction and the misuse of alcohol or the opiate class of drugs. Consider this:

-Alcohol and the opiates are depressants that are often used to relieve anxiety and tension. Frequently people with alcohol and drug addictions consume excessive amounts of sugar and that intake often increases dramatically when they get into recovery.

-Twelve Step groups such as Overeaters Anonymous encourage their members to abstain from refined sugar in that it can be difficult to almost impossible for some individuals to consume it moderately. That is a major hallmark of an addictive habit.

-There are prescription medications that are used to block alcohol and opiate cravings that also promote weight loss by decreasing the desire for sugar as well. So it appears that the same chemical receptors in the brain are involved.

Now with the pharmaceutical approach there is always a "risk to reward ratio" to consider when consulting with your doctor. Do the potential benefits outweigh the likely side effects?

As noted, stress and anxiety seems to be a likely root cause of excessive sugar consumption. Hypnosis is possibly the greatest stress reliever known to man and carries zero side effects. When you are calm and centered healthy decisions become that much easier.

I recently created a new audio program entitled Freedom from Sugar that combines a guided relaxation experience with positive suggestion related to reducing or eliminating processed sugars from your diet.

Its about 10 minutes in length and it can be used to strengthen your decision to go sugar free. You can download a copy through the secure link below. If you would like to work with me one to one, please call me at (732) 714-7040 or fill out the Life Enhancement Strategy Request Form and I will get back to you ASAP

Freedom from Sugar mp3 $10

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