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NJ Hypnotist: Stop Smoking
Lose Weight, Reduce Stress
(Often in 3 visits or less!)

Call (732) 714-7040
or Click Here for your complimentary
Life Enhancement Strategy Session.
302 Hawthorne Ave,#3
Pt. Pleasant Beach, NJ, 08742

Welcome to the NJ Hypnotist website. Are you looking to

  • Reduce unhealthy stress and fear?

  • Eliminate an unhealthy habit such as smoking or overeating?

  • Enhance your peak performance in sports, academics, or the workplace?

Have you given up on being the best version of you possible? Of course not! There is a reason why you are here now.  Call or text me at (732) 714-7040 for a free Life Enhancement Strategy Session and let's find out if a few hypnosis sessions, either in-office or online, can help you move forward as it has done for so many others.  

Each person has an average of 60,000 thoughts a day. That’s one thought per second in every waking hour! Amazingly, 95 percent are the same thoughts repeated every day. On average, 80 percent of those habitual thoughts are negative"
-Cleveland Wellness Clinic

"Feeling stuck? When trying hard to change hasn't worked, that's often a sign to do something different instead. The mind is 95% subconscious, with only about 5% under conscious control. Hypnosis allows you to connect more deeply with your powerful inner mind."
-James Malone

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