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NJ Hypnotist: Stop Smoking Lose Weight, Reduce Stress

Call (732) 714-7040 or Click Here for your complimentary Life Enhancement Strategy Session.

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stop smoking hypnosis nj

Stop Smoking Quiz

How ready are you to stop smoking once and for all? Take this quick quiz to find out!

  1. Can you recall times before you ever got trapped into smoking? Yes/No

  2. Do you ever ‘forget to smoke’ or not think about it because you are in a non-smoking environment such as on a commercial flight or visiting someone in a hospital? Yes/no

  3. Can you envisage using other nontoxic means to meet your needs for overcoming boredom, nervousness, or wanting a break? Yes/no

  4. Do you still believe smoking’s hype or do you genuinely feel you have seen through it and want to quit? Yes/No

  5. Have you got over or almost got over the classic ‘smoker’s optimistic distortion’. Do you still trot out the party lines like: “I could get run over by a bus tomorrow!” or “my uncle Ted smoked 80 a day all his life and it never did him any harm!” or have you started to see through these kinds of stock rationalizations? Yes/no

  6. Do you genuinely want to look out for and support your body? Yes/No

  7. Do you love smoking enough to potentially sacrifice your life for it? Are the tobacco companies’ profits important enough to you to generously hand over your health? Do you genuinely feel that having something to do with your hands is a fair exchange for your time here on Earth? Yes/No


If you answered Yes to pretty much everything but the last question then you’re already a long way along the path towards becoming a true non-smoker. Please call/text (732) 714-7040 to set up your free Life Enhancement Discovery Call where we can discuss what is involved with your personalized Stop Smoking Program 

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