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Vaping Danger

I came across two very disturbing articles this week regarding the dangers of vaping and young people.

One article was in Live Science and was about how a study indicates how vaping among young people increases their risk of contracting Covid-19 by a factor of up to seven times. And contrary to some beliefs circulating out there, younger folks can and do seriously sicken or even die from this disease.

In addition to damaging the lungs and leaving them more vulnerable to infection, there is also increased risk because the act of vaping has the person touching his or her face area more frequently.

The second article was in the current edition of Health U, a publication by the Hackensack-Meridian hospital system. It was a bonafide horror story about a young and otherwise healthy woman in Monmouth County who contracted EVALI (e-cigarette or vaping product use-associated lung injury).

She developed full-blown lung disease after vaping for a relatively short period of time and if it wasn't for the excellent care she received at Bayshore Hospital, she might not have made it. Luckily she is slowly recovering.

If you could use some help in quitting, hypnosis is an excellent tool for overcoming any type of nicotine habit. Please call or text me at (732) 714-7040 to set up a time for us to discuss what is involved.

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