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The Eagle and the Chickens


Once upon a time a young child found an eagle's egg that had fallen out of the nest. Not sure what to do with it, the boy put the egg in the chicken coop with the mother hen at his family's farm.

Eventually the egg hatched and the little eagle grew up with the other young chickens and did whatever they did. Not knowing any better, he thought he was a chicken too. As you probably know, chickens are not very good at flying and can only go short distances. Since he believed he was a chicken he came to believe he could only fly short distances too.

One day he saw a mighty eagle circling overhead and he too felt a deep longing to soar in the deep blue sky just like that. But when he shared his dream with his chicken brothers and sisters all they could do is laugh at him.

"You are a chicken!" they reminded him, "stop wishing foolish wishes!"

Every so often he would bring up his desire to fly high and each time the rest of the flock mocked him. Eventually he gave up his dream; living and eventually dying as a chicken because that's what he believed he was.

I've been a professional hypnotist since 1995 and I have yet to turn anyone into chicken, probably since no one has ever asked me to do that. Yet a lot of well meaning and not so well meaning parents, teachers and significant others do turn others into a chicken so to speak with their negative expectations and suggestions. If you feel that you could be more yet feel blocked by your past programming, I am here to help. A free, confidential phone consultation is available, call (732) 714-7040.

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