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Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time there was a regular guy who struggled with a couple of unhealthy habits. He really had a lot to live for, especially because being a good father to his young kids was so important to him. Everyday he vowed to change, yet he would always get derailed sooner than later. Because of this, he would beat himself for lack of willpower and began to feel rather hopeless. Where was this leading?

However, one day on a lark he called a professional hypnotist who had an office nearby for a free discovery call. He had always thought hypnosis was kind of weird and quirky, but he had heard it worked for some people and desperation was really starting to set in. What was there to lose in just talking to someone?

During their conversation the hypnotist explained how when the imaginative, emotional, and habitual part of your mind called the subconscious is in conflict with your conscious willpower, it almost prevails and you end up going back to your hold habits. He explained hypnosis used a naturally altered state of awareness to help bridge that gap the conscious and subconscious minds and provided tools to help you stay on track. Yet you have to be really motivated to change, no half measures!

So our friend booked a few sessions and found for that for the first time he felt like he had the power to abstain from habits that were no longer serving him well. Because of that, he felt more optimistic and in control. Also, in a short period of time he began to feel healthier in both mind and body until finally he felt he had turned a corner from that dark place he started at. Could it work for you as well?

If you would like to arrange your initial discovery call, please call/text (732) 714-7040 or use the contact form linked here.

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