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On Becoming a Hypnotist

Occasionally someone will inquire as to how they can get the training they need in order to practice professional hypnosis. In fact, several of my former clients have gone on to work in this rewarding field after having experienced the benefits of hypnosis firsthand. What my recommendation will be varies depending on the person's background.

If an interested party has no previous experience with doing counseling, coaching, or therapeutic work, I strongly advise going through an initial live hands-on training course. That is how I started 25 years ago at the Harte Center for Hypnosis in NYC and much was learned not only from the instructor but among the interactions with fellow students as well. Hypnosis is a living, breathing art and science and you need hands-on practice in order to gain competence. Usually, these initial training experiences involve anywhere from 100 to 200 classroom hours carried out over a number of weeks.

For a number of years, I was an adjunct instructor at the Academy for Professional Hypnosis in Union, NJ, and gladly referred a number of prospective students there. Sadly, our founding director and primary instructor Tony Demarco passed away last month and it doesn't appear the school will be reopening. At the present time, I do not know of any schools in New Jersey I would refer students to. There are a few instructors in the NYC area that are quite good, but live certification classes for the most part on hold due to pandemic restrictions. Give me a call at (732) 714-7040 if you would like some help in locating an instructor near you.

If you are already some sort of counselor, coach, or therapist and would like to do an initial training online (or are looking for continuing education opportunities) I give my highest recommendation to the Uncommon Knowledge group based in the UK. I have done their Rewind Technique training, which I found invaluable, along with their Precision Hypnosis course which is also definitely "a keeper."

An easy way to get familiar with their class offerings is to sign-up for their weekly newsletter and free book, which you can access through the link below.

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