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Are You Dreaming?

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Most of us have some familiarity with the idea that we have emotional human needs that go beyond those of basic physical survival. These include having a sense of purpose, social connection, and the need to have something to look forward to. Let’s take a look at the latter for a moment.

It’s very easy to get all wrapped up in our daily routines and responsibilities. The obligations of work and family can become something of an all-consuming and mind-numbing rut. This is stressful because because an essential part of being human is the need to be expansive and creative. We thrive on learning, growing, and becoming better versions of ourselves-not repeating the same day over and over again like the classic comedic film Groundhog Day.

It can be helpful to occasionally step back, relax deeply, and let your mind wander as you ponder the question, “what would I really like to be doing right now?” and to be open for whatever your deeper intelligence presents. Pretty much every significant advance and breakthrough in human history first presented itself in a dreamlike reverie to someone who wondered, "how can I make or do this better?"

With that said, there are barriers to following your dreams. One is cultural. From early on the dominant message seems to be, “STOP DREAMING, you have to be PRACTICAL!” Ugh!*

Another obstacle is STRESS. A perpetually tense body and mind is not particularly creative because the life force energy is being diverted to perceived threats and is going into the default survival mode. Hypnosis can enable you to relax, let go, and access more of your mental and physical talents.

If you would like a calm space and support as you dream and plan and strive for your desired experience in 2023 and beyond I would be honored to help you with that. Call/text (732) 714-7040 or reply to this email go get the ball rolling.

*When asked what he recommended parents do increase their children’s intellect, Albert Einstein replied, “If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”

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