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And the Good News Is?

And the good news is? chances are that you do not have a conscious mind problem. If you are frustrated by the fact that you repeat some unhealthy habit or response that you know doesn't "make sense", then the solution needs to be addressed at a subconscious level.

An example: a person "knows" how he or she should eat and what the benefits of doing so would be. But the person never follows through for very long. More information on a proper diet is not what is needed. In many instances, he or she could teach a class on the subject.

The fact that you recognize things aren't as they should be or you want them to be, tells us that your conscious mind is functioning just fine. But you usually cannot use the conscious mind to think or talk your way out of being stuck. You don't move forward by piling more information; rather you have to positively influence that part of yourself that is imaginative and emotional. This is where hypnosis comes in.

In hypnosis, your experience is very similar to the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) stage of dreaming. When you dream at night, your body becomes relaxed and still as a protective measure so you don't act out physically on those dreams. And while you are dreaming you are in the moment, you don't keep questioning whether what you are experiencing is real, it is your reality for that moment.

Where hypnosis differs is that we are able to direct the experience whereas dreams during sleep tend to be random and disjointed. By harnessing this natural state we can create a powerful learning experience that enables you to experience your future success and a clearing of the obstacles in your way as if it has already happened. Please connect if you would like to learn more.

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