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The Hourglass: A Helpful Metaphor

Have you ever watched an old time hourglass when you flipped it and the sand flowed from top to bottom?

Unlike modern timepieces that operate with a very consistent rhythm, the sand in an hourglass moves very slowly at first and then picks up speed near the end.

If you tried to push down on the sand at the beginning in order to speed things up, your pressure would actually cause the sand to jam in the narrow neck and its flow would grind to a halt.

In my travels I have heard how this can be a metaphor for why it is not a good idea to try to rush the things we are trying to accomplish.

Often our initial progress towards a worthwhile goal or creating a new habit can be slower than we like, but this is all part of the process.

For example, trying to lose weight can be a very frustrating process yet most of the so-called shortcuts I have heard of over the years are ineffective in the long run and there have been certain potions, pills and extreme diet/exercise regimens that turned out to be quite harmful.

Nothing has been proven to work better than consistent healthy eating and regular physical activity.

It can be a slow go at times but with a bit of faith and persistence momentum will eventually kick in.

This holds true with anything worthwhile you intend to accomplish. It's great to be excited about a reaching a goal, but often it is a marathon rather than a sprint towards the finish line, pace yourself.

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