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NJ Hypnotist: StoP Smoking, 
Lose Weight, Reduce Stress

Call (732) 714-7040 or Click Here for your complimentaryLife Enhancement Strategy Session.

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Enhanced Support Plan

It does take time and effort to make a lasting change in your habits; especially those related to eating and exercise. Without proper encouragement and reinforcement it can all too easy to drift back into unhealthy behaviors. Chances are you’ve probably “been there, done that.”

Hypnosis can enable you to make changes more easily by directly engaging your subconscious mind; the imaginative and emotional part of the self that runs your habit patterns. 


It’s for this reason the Enhanced Support Plan for Healthy Habits was developed. This offer is made only to those who have attended the Healthy Habits and Weight Loss Class in the past 30 days and are seriously committed to looking and feeling their best.


It entails 4 customized private sessions spaced 2 to 4 weeks apart with weekly check-ins between office visits by either phone or email.  A $500 value if purchased separately, you can enroll $297*  through the link below. Let’s keep those healthy changes rolling! 

4 Session Enhanced Support -$297

*Please note prepaid tuition is non-refundable, be sure you are committed to your future before investing.

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