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Below is a guided self-hypnosis experience you can use for free or purchase for a nominal cost to help you manage stress and anxiety during these challenging times. 

Desert Flower

Self-Hypnosis mp3

Desert Flower Self-Hypnosis mp3- was designed to promote deep relaxation and suggestions for well-being, optimism and enhanced coping strategies during the current pandemic restrictions. It utilizes various relaxation processes and ambient background sound and is a bit over 12 minutes in length.

Important note: never use this audio program while driving or performing any other activity that requires your full waking attention.  Make sure you are in a safe, comfortable, and distraction-free environment.

You can either listen to it for free with the audio player below (earphones recommended) or you can purchase a copy for $2.99 through the secure Buy Now button below. 

desert flower hypnoJames Malone
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Mindful Beach Hypnotic Meditation- this immersive guided experience utilizes both audio visual elements to enhance your relaxation response. Click here to gain access. 

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