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You can download a free copy of the 7 Minute Stress Buster mp3 through the link below. It's designed as an introductory experience for people wishing to learn how to control stress and alter bad habits.

Since it utilizes deep relaxation and imagination techniques, use it in a safe, comfortable environment free from unnecessary distractions. Never use it while driving or performing any activity that requires your full waking attention.

Like anything else, regular practice will enhance your abilities.

Mindful Hypnotic Beach Meditation- click on the image below to enjoy this immersive relaxation experience that utilizes guided imagery, ambient sound and peaceful visual images of the ocean. Nothing to download, justs sit back and relax!


Weight Loss E-Book- this guide contains helpful, practical suggestions for people like yourself who want to create healthy new eating, movement and stress relief habits. In PDF format through the link below. 


Stress Relieving Breath Graphic- breathe in sync with the circle for a minute or two in order to restore feelings of being calm and in control. Right click if you wish to save a copy to your device.

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