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  • NJ Hypnotist James Malone

Time for Skull Practice?

What can a secret of top athletes do for you, even if you are an avowed couch potato? An old-time expression is putting in the time for ‘skull practice’ in addition to physical workouts. Skull practice is where you visualize the skills and outcomes you desire as if they were already an accomplished fact.

Numerous experiments have been done where athletic performance has been greatly enhanced by imaginary practice, either alone or in conjunction with physical activity. This is effective because your nervous system cannot distinguish between a real experience and one that is vividly imagined. If you have ever responded physically and/or emotionally to the images presented in a movie or TV show even though you know what you are seeing isn’t real, then you are familiar with this effect.

In the case of high performance activities, you are creating another layer of what is called muscle memory, where the skill becomes second nature or subconscious in nature. This is important since overthinking a skill will usually make you clumsier and impede the flow of the movement and strength.

This principle can also be applied to everyday problems, challenges, and goals as well. Are you lacking in confidence? Spend a few moments everyday rehearsing the image of a confident and self-assured you. Really sense it, feel it, be there. Do you find it hard to say no to unhealthy eating situations? Regularly dwell on an image of yourself at your best size, shape, and condition, finding it surprisingly easy to say no to self-sabotage. Eventually you will become that person.

Each and every one of us is already acting in accordance to our self-image of what we believe we can and cannot do. Why not take conscious control of this process for your own benefit? If you would like to learn more, please call/text (732) 714-7040 so we can discuss this further.

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