Calm is closer than you think!

Imagine getting the benefits of several hours of relaxation in as little as 30 minutes. Now everyone has time for self-care.

The MIndSpa Hypnotica Dream Experience, when used on a regular basis, will enable you to feel calmer, more focused and increase your overall sense of well being.

You will enjoy this experience whether you are an absolute newcomer or someone who has enjoyed success with hypnosis previously.  Explore an innovative way of problem-solving and personal enhancement through deep relaxation and dreams.

Afterward, you may notice:

  • Better sleep quality.

  • Finding it easier to make healthier lifestyle choices.

  • A fresh perspective on your current challenges.

The MindSpa Hypnotica Dream Experience utilizes a proprietary process involving imagination, breathwork, and deep relaxation in order to release you from the chronically stressed state too many of us walk around in. Isn't it time to feel better?

Normally the fee for this service is $97. However, until 02/21/20 you can purchase a gift certificate for yourself or someone you care about for just $87 through the link below and will  receive 3 valuable bonuses as well:

  • Attainable Sustainable Change,  a print copy of my guide to creating healthy lifestyle changes you can actually stick with. 

  • The Deep Ocean Self-Hypnosis audio mp3. A relaxation experience you can use whenever you like. 

  • The OCEAN  Assessment- this concise report covers 5 vital areas of your personality. 

Upon successful payment, you will receive a voucher in PDF format that you can print out if giving this as a gift.

Important note: MindSpa Hypnotica is not a session for personal change work such as quitting smoking, weight loss or overcoming a specific life stress or fear issue. Connect with me if you would like to learn more about those programs.

If you have any questions or if you would like to schedule a visit, please call (732) 714-7040.​

MindSpa Hypnotica Session+ Bonuses


Your Bonuses!

Bonus One- Deep Ocean Meditation mp3- Imagine being able to experience a sense of calm any time you like!

The ocean is a powerful symbol of strength, serenity, and healing. It has never been more important than the present day to make time to relax and to focus on those things you do control-namely your self-care.

Using ocean imagery/sounds, breathwork, and positive suggestion, this audio program is about 11 minutes, making regular practice practical even with a busy schedule.

Bonus Two-Attainable Sustainable CHANGE offers a wealth of information on how to create healthy new lifestyle habits you will actually stick with!

Includes chapters on reducing mindless eating, overcoming procrastination toward exercise, reducing stress, and much more.

Bonus Three- The OCEAN Assessment, a concise report on 5 major areas of personality that will help you identify your strengths as well as areas for improvement 

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