Keys to Deeper Understanding

Do you feel stuck and frustrated in some area of your life right now? It happens to all of us at some point or another and getting a fresh new perspective can make all the difference.


Sort of like those optical illusions that become clear once someone points it out to you like the famed 'duck/rabbit" picture below.

(What do you see: a duck or a rabbit? Actually its both at the same time! Hint: the duck is looking to the left, the rabbit to the right; the duck's bill becomes the rabbit's ears and vice versa).


Now while this is the kind of optical illusion you might find on a diner place mat, self-understanding can be quite similar.  We all have blind spots when it comes to our personal strengths and areas in need of improvement. This where the Keys to Deeper Understanding Assessment can help you. 

What do you intend to bring about in the next few months? More of the same or are you looking for a breakthrough? Shakespeare said, "to thine own self be true." But sometimes it becomes to hard remember who that 'true self' is.

In addition to my 20+ years as professional hypnotist, I also have extensive training in personal coaching. This differs from traditional counseling in that the focus is on your strengths rather than any dysfunction in order to create the best version of you!

It uses two assessment processes you can complete at home. The first examines the 5 key components of your personality style that have the most impact on your day to day life. The second takes a look at your overall life balance.

After completing the questionnaires please give me 48-72 hours to complete your personalized personalized report. 

The Keys to Deeper Understanding Assessment is currently priced at the introductory rate of $24.97 and can be ordered through the link below.

Keys to Deeper Understanding Assessment - $24.97

P.S. Your order will also contain a valuable bonus gift!

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