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Clarity Coaching Session

In a Rut?

Stuck. Spinning your wheels. Frustrated. Does that sound like you right now? Well you deserve better!

Its easy to go into a feeling of overwhelm given the fast pace of life and the many demands it places on us.

The Clarity Coaching Session is designed to give you both insight and some breathing room to figure out what your new direction will be since as the old saying goes, "the true definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the results to change."

In addition to my 20+ years experience as a professional hypnotist, I also hold several personal coaching certifications. 

Getting Started?

Prior to your visit you will be filling out two online assessment forms that will provide insight on your strengths, areas in need of improvement and external factors.

What to Expect?

At your in person visit we will continue the interview process and you will receive a printed copy of what your assessment data tells us.

You will then experience a customized  hypnosis session to jump start your motivation to move from that place of frustration to somewhere a whole lot better. Post session homework assignments will most likely be given as well.

If you like, affordable follow up visits are available.

The fee for The Clarity Coaching Session is $175 (or $147* if prepaid through the link below. Call (732) 714-7040 if you have any questions. Let's make something great happen!

* Please note that prepaid tuition is non-refundable. Be sure you are fully committed to creating a happier and healthier future before investing. 

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